10 country, 25,000 kilometre Wheel2Wheel expedition for charity in 125 days.
adventure television series

Wheel2Wheel is a ten-part adventure travel series featuring ten untold humanitarian stories, which was first broadcasted on the National Geographic Channel and subsequently, around the world.
The series is framed by Morgan Parker’s epic solo motorcycle journey
from Hong Kong to Brisbane, traveling over 25,000 kilometers through ten countries. Each episode was filmed on location in a new country and highlights the work of one local grassroots charitable organization tackling one of the world’s many pressing humanitarian issues.
Filmed in HD, the series is visually breathtaking, inspiring and educational, yet always entertaining. Filmed in unique locations with remarkable interviews, each half hour along with two full hour episodes.

Wheel2Wheel 10 x Adventure Travel Series

E P I S O D E  O N E  - H O N G  K O N G
C H A R I T Y "C L E A N  A I R  N E T W O R K"

Morgan Parker's epic adventure comes to life during this 1 hour TV special. We'll find out who he is and why he's embarking on this incredible 10 country transcontinental expedition. We'll also be introduced to Hong Kong's Clean Air Network, the first of ten grass roots charitable organisations Parker visits, to learn about their work to combat Hong Kong's massive air pollution problem.

E P I S O D E  T W O  - C H I N A
C H A R I T Y "G E C K O"

Parker finally gets through the border and nervously navigates through China to meet with GECKO. He discovers Chinese students receive no environmental education at school, making the work of GECKO in providing basic environmental knowledge to students so critical. Leaving Guilin, Parker begins his long journey south, next stop is Vietnam.

E P I S O D E  T H R E E - V I E T N A M
C H A R I T Y "A N I M A L S  A S I A"

Becoming the first solo motorcycle adventurer to ever legally cross from China into Vietnam, Morgan welcomes the respite of world heritage Halong Bay and Hanoi with their scenic vistas. Amidst the happiness, comes a sobering visit to Animals Asia Foundation, the third designated charity where Morgan uncovers the brutal and illegal practice of farming moon bears to extract their gall bladder bile for sale. Morgan also travels to Animals Asia's sanctuary to learn about the rehabilitation of the rescued bears.

E P I S O D E  F O U R - L A O S
C H A R I T Y  "C H I L D ' S  D R E A M"

Laos may offer peace, tranquillity and some breathtaking tourist sites, but its unpredictable weather and dirt roads mean that Morgan Parker has to face his toughest days yet. Called "Hell Day", Morgan and his bike are almost broken during a freezing, rain drenched 150 km trek along a mountainous wet clay road that renders his BMW motorcycle powerless against the elements. With hypothermia setting in, it's a race to find shelter before he literally loses consciousness. But that's just one aspect of this riveting episode in which Morgan travels down the Mekong, rides elephants, visits temples, zip-lines through the jungle and makes a memorable visit to Child's Dream, the charity building schools to provide an education to children who otherwise would receive none.

E P I S O D E  F I V E - C A M B O D I A
C H A R I T Y "N E W  H O P E"

Cambodia's a country of contrasts as Morgan Parker experiences breathtaking moments followed by encounters that shock him. He visits the "killing fields" and the S21 extermination facility in Phnom Penh. He rides with fellow adventure riders and is buoyed by a family visit in Siem Reap. The unique food and an unforgettable visit to the Angkor temples mark a highlight of the 10 country expedition. Yet Morgan also uncovers some little known truths about how the country is run, and rides an emotional roller-coaster touring the improvised district supported by W2W's 5th charity - New Hope, meeting illiterate and infirm slum dwellers, sex workers, battered women, AIDS sufferers, homeless and the starving.

E P I S O D E  S I X - T H A I L A N D
C H A R I T Y "B A A N  G E R D A"

It's a fast paced episode from the get-go, as Morgan Parker finds himself riding superbikes in Bangkok then leading a bike rally to Lopburi, the site of Baan Gerda - a unique home-stay orphanage for 83 local children born with HIV. Morgan then heads south to southern Thailand's hot spots of Hua Hin, Phuket and Krabi, trekking through jungles and swimming in random waterfalls, before finally exiting to Malaysia.

E P I S O D E  S E V E N - M A L A Y S I A
C H A R I T Y "W O M E N S  A I D  O R G A N I S A T I O N"
Riding with Malaysian-born W2W charity director Alan Ng, Morgan Parker starts in Penang then heads out to the remote Islamic states of north-east Malaysia before weaving through the scenic Cameron Highlands to Kuala Lumpur. Morgan learns how universal and real the issue of domestic violence is while visiting the shelters of the Women's Aid Organization and listening to the stories of survivors. Morgan and Alan ride with the local Harley Davidson club to visit the new "capital" Putra Jaya; then are taken on a thrilling ride up to Genting Highlands with the local BMW Motorrad club. The episode concludes with Morgan making his first of eight ocean crossings, this one requires him to improvise.

E P I S O D E  E I G H T - I N D O N E S I A
C H A R I T Y "P A N  E C O"

It doesn't get more fearsome than the jungles of Sumatra, more devastating than the damage done to Banda Aceh in the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, more hair-raising than a 37 hour ride to Jakarta, and more terrifying than a head-on collision in Bandung. Morgan Parker experiences countless moment as his rides for one month across Indonesia. Morgan travels for days into the jungle and up a river with PanEco Foundation to witness the untold story of cataclysmic destruction. The conversion of peat swamps releasing millions of tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere and loss of natural habitat for the highest concentration of orangutans on the planet. He makes a memorable visit to Lake Toba, the site of the world's largest volcanic eruption 75,000 years ago; and hops islands riding his motorcycle from one ferry to another

E P I S O D E   N I N E -  T I M O R - L E S T E
C H A R I T Y "A C T I O N  F O R  C H A N G E"
Komodo dragons, treacherous ferry rides and an interesting immigration experience-and all that's before Morgan Parker sets foot in Timor-Leste. Once he's arrived in the world's newest nation, Morgan learns how the country is not only recovering from its lengthy civil war, but is working hard to move forward. Time spent snorkeling in the pristine waters and a huge bike rally across the country enable all to see that the country is on the way to becoming a terrific tourist destination. But there's plenty more in this episode, as Morgan visits W2W's 9th charity - Action for Change Foundation who's engaging with an entire lost generation disenfranchised by war. He interviews business owners, representatives from the United Nations, a former Miss Australia and finally, visits the home of the country's president and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Jose Ramos-Horta.

E P I S O D E   T E N - A U S T R A L I A
C H A R I T Y "N A I L S M A"
At last Morgan Parker arrives in Darwin, greeted by the Lord Mayor, but without his bike which is stranded on the high seas for two weeks. Unperturbed Morgan gets busy with NAILSMA, an indigenous Aboriginal organization creating innovative multi-faceted solutions for indigenous people to apply their ancient knowledge to contemporary land and sea conservation issues across the north of Australia. Morgan flies to the remote and sacred Crocodile Islands to meet the one of the oldest living Aboriginal people and the 2012 Senior Australian of the Year; then gets up above world-famous Kakadu National Park, along with visits to other iconic waterfalls and bush trails. The final 1 hour special follows Morgan, joined by his brother Tod, on a grueling ride along the famous Finke trail to the red centre of the continent to the spend time at Uluru and Kata Tjuta. Then it's an 800km trip across the Simpson Desert with no fuel stations, camping in the wilderness and for one day no roads. But with his hometown of Brisbane in his sights and 20 mates to ride the final leg with him, Morgan relishes the moment as he completes his 10 country, 25,000 kilometre Wheel2Wheel expedition for charity in 125 days.