As COVID-19 negatively impacted Hong Kong’s life and work, Dickie Fowler set off on a photographic journey into the city’s vibrant streets whilst intentionally honing his professional skills. Through photography, his thoughts found a visual language that is rich in both color and form.

Dickie's approach to photography includes abstraction, patina, color, and digital manipulation. He skillfully uses light to capture depth and texture, and utilizes color to guide the viewer's eye. His recent works are inspired by urban environments, Asian culture, and mythical Asian stories.

In one series, Dickie employs the use of Chinese gods and mythical creatures found in Hong Kong’s temples to represent a seemingly endless relationship between man and his subconscious. Through this exploration, he delves into the mysteries of life and death, bound only by his mental limitations.

Using the beautiful and elegant medium of photography, Dickie hopes to continue to explore his environment and produce collections of images that evoke raw emotional energy, tempered by humor and sensitivity from years of observation and production.
Professional Career:
Dickie's artistic journey began in an unexpected way when he started his career as a hairdresser at the age of 15. However, after facing discrimination from his father and subsequently losing his job, his future seemed uncertain. Fortunately, a kind word from his then girlfriend's mother changed the course of his life and led him to pursue a path in graphic design at a local art college.

In 1989, Dickie's curiosity for Asian culture brought him to Hong Kong, with dreams of eventually reaching Japan. However, fate had other plans for him, and he found himself embarking on a corporate journey in graphic design with Landor Associates, a prestigious design agency. Later, he joined Red Square, a boutique design studio led by talented photographers and film directors. It was during this time that he sharpened his skills in concept creation and gained valuable experience in art direction.

During his tenure in Hong Kong, Dickie explored various creative disciplines, from motion graphics and video editing to videography and eventually directing and producing television shows. Notable projects include "Wheel to Wheel," a thrilling motorcycle adventure spanning 14 Asian continents, and a captivating thirteen-part series on "Thai Street Food" that aired on the National Geographic Channel.

Amidst the surreal times of the Covid pandemic in 2020, Dickie sought to nurture his creative vision and satiate his longing for exploration. He turned to photography as an outlet, allowing him to capture the scenic beauty and raw essence of Hong Kong's streets. His focus lies in encapsulating a bygone era, where subjects intertwine with historical ambiguity. Using vibrant colour palettes, he unveils the hues and patina that lie beneath the surface of Hong Kong's breathtaking streets. His subjects range from the kaleidoscope of the vibrant population to the architectural treasures nestled in the city's older neighbourhoods. Through his lens, Dickie finds joy in celebrating the captivating allure of Hong Kong.


Vanishing Hong Kong - Exploring Abandoned  Heritage Buildings

Vanishing Hong Kong aims to enhance awareness of the disappearing historical buildings and heritage in Hong Kong as well as the role of urban explorers in recording and conservation.

17th August 2021, Asia Society Hong Kong

Online global showcase of the worlds best photographers.

Come & Stay - TV Show

Invited to talk about my photographic Journey on a locally aired television programme "Come & Stay"

Urban Colorz

Group showcase of emerging artists
March 4th - 15th, 2022
Soho House, Hong Kong.

Unexpected Beauty

Group exhibition as part of the French May initiatives - in aid of the charity "Children of the Mekong"
28th April - 2nd May 2022
La Galerie, Hong Kong.


Solo Show featuring 22 pieces.
17th March - 31st March, 2022
Soho House, Hong Kong.


White Box showcase of collective artworks in aid of the "Children of Mekong"
20th April - 1st May 2023,
White Box @ Soho House,
Hong Kong

Grey Walls Gallery presents - Abandoned House Project

Group showcase of 17 Artists presented in an Abandoned structure, Guests were bused into the secret location blindfolded and were guided by the artists presenting throughout the separately themed rooms.
20th May 2023, Secret Location, Hong Kong.

A Sense of Place

UOWCHK Art Collection "monsoon Lion Rock" was the first addition to the new showcase exhibition presented in the recently built part of the campus.
Opens September 2023

Hong Kong Frames

Ongoing showcase of Hong Kong photographic works presented on the outdoor screens in and around the Big Wheel on Central's waterfront Hong Kong.

Sip & Bid Art Auction

24th August 6-9pm Verandah: Foreign Correspondents Club Central Hong Kong


The show is a digital depiction of the imagination of the analog age, with Digital Arts and Photography at the center of the show. This brings the art-making method into conversation; about technological advances, cultural trend shifts, new iterations, and aesthetic interpretations.

Third quarter 2023, Venue TBC.

Come and Stay

"Come and stay" talks to local immigrants about their experiences and why they choose to call Hong Kong home. In this segment i talk about my photographic journey...