What are we doing?

We are just putting some final touches on some fabulous new films for The Hong Kong Golf and Tennis Academy. We were commissioned by the Academy to create a film that positioned the facility as a world class offering in the Sport Training, Wellness & Luxury Resort space. (which it is!) Creating an engaging, personal experience of a through modern cinematic visuals which trigger multiple core sense & the feeling “I want to be there too”

The films are imminently going to be released... in the meantime here are a selection of stunning still captures from the final film.


Wheel2Wheel - 12 part series following Morgan Parker throughout 13 Asia Countries as he traverses the distance between Hong Kong to Australia on a motorbike providing exposure to grassroots NGO's in each of the countries transited
Thai Street Food - 13 part culinary quest with world renown Chef David Thompson through the wonders that is Bangkok's Street Food
Quest for Stars - 2 parts exploring Hong Kong & Macau exploring the trails and tribulations of striving to attain & keep Michelin Stars
Buying Asia - IPGlobal, Property Investment guide in Asia
Taste for Wine - 10 part Series with Master of Wine Debra Meiburg, a guide to the most infamous wine producing regions of the world

Adventures to the edge - Series 2 - production of 4 episodes Sean Lee-Davies giving a voice to various wildlife NGO's
Are We OK? - a TV hour exploring the trials & tribulations of the Hong Kong populace during the protests and subsequent Covid-19 eras

R O L E S  &  R E S P O N S I B I L I T I E S
Pre-Production: Concept, Location Scouting, Permits, Client Management
Shoot: Direction, Art Direction, Cameraman, Data Wrangling, Team Management
Post production: Editing, Sound Design, Motion Graphics, Colour, Delivery Output, Systems Design & Management


YouTube FanFest for six years with a total of 32 Live Global Broadcast Events.

R O L E S  &   R E S P O N S I B I L I T I E S

creative design for live events ranging from conceptual, theming, environment, staging, video content production, live playout

 C L I E N T S
Clients: IBM, Jaguar, PepsiCo Asia Pacific, HKJC, The Great European Carnival


R O L E S  &  R E S P O N S I B I L I T I E S
Social media campaigns, fashion show visuals, art & creative direction, fashion show event coverage, branding, event recap video

Shanghai Tang, Chanel, Cartier, Micheal Kors, Tumi, Pacific Place, 68 lingerie, Walter Ma, Bao Bao Wan Jewellery, John Hardy, Van Cleef & Arpel, Vogue Hong Kong, Paradiso