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Limited Edition - Chromoluxe Prints

Limited edition selection of my photographic outputs on Chromolux metal plate.


Solo Show

Explores Hong Kong’s temples unraveling the legends and folklore surrounding the many deities that populate these testaments to belief.

From the much loved and ever present Guan Yu - The god of war with his fierce red face, long beard, and silkworm like eyebrows. Worshiped by triads and police alike for his loyalty and righteousness. To the ever present and probably most popular of the celestials Guan Yan the beautiful benevolent, merciful princess that comforts the downtrodden.

Let journey/explore these spaces for the visual feast of bejewelled clothing, folk sculptures to magnificent renderings of these beings devotion admiration and respect these icons of time have been granted.

Let journey to the East, discover the visual treasures of these often not fully understood spaces of worship.

16th February opening party
17th-25th February daily from 2pm till 8pm.
HKCACC Gallery, Po Hing Fong, Central, Hong Kong is where i keep all things "The Art of Celestials". We will see you there.

Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy

We were commissioned by the Academy to create a film that positioned the facility as a world class offering in the Sport Training, Wellness & Luxury Resort space. Creating an engaging, personal experience of a through modern cinematic visuals, triggering multiple core sense & the feeling “Take me there”

What are we doing?

- Preparing for street style fashion shoot for a brand from New York

- Producing marketing films for architectural projects in Miami and other major cities in the USA.

- Designing apparel and new Vespa projects with our Classic Scooter restoration and customisation business Eleven Vintage:

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My photography work has been noticed, I’m Delighted to have been recognized and awarded by which has the vision of gathering the best photography in the world in one place.
For the past decade, they have gathered an extraordinary collection of fine art photography, showcased Handpicked 16,000 published 1x artists from 130 different countries. very happy to be included and have my work validated. #photography #artist #gallery #hongkong

Ascending Dragons

Title: Ascending Dragons
Edition: 2/5
Date Shot: 27th January 2021
Location: Fuk Tak Temple, Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong

The dragon boat head is resting in an individual enclosure within the Fuk Tak Temple complex in Shau Kei Wan. Dragon boat heads are considered sacred and celestial beings hence the ceremony around the dotting of the eyes preceding Dragon Boat race day, also leading to this example being dutifully cared for during its pass from this plain to the next.

The origins of the Dragon Boat Festival can be found in several stories. The most famous are about Qu Yuan, China’s first patriotic writer and Wu Zixu, a once-loyal advisor to the King Fuchai. Dragon boat racing originated in southern central China more than 2,500 years ago.

Qu Yuan was a Minister in one of the Warring State governments, Chu. He was slandered by jealous government officials and banished by the King.
Out of disappointment in the Chu Monarch, he drowned himself into the Miluo River. He was very popular with the common people, who rushed to the water and tried to recover his body. They also scattered rice into the water to feed the fish, to prevent them from eating Qu Yuan's body, which is one of the origins of Zongzi, the traditional rice dish eaten to this day to remember him.

In commemoration of Qu Yuan, people hold dragon boat races yearly on the day of his death. Before Qu Yuan waded in the Miluo River and drowned himself, he wrote a famous lyrical poem 离骚 Li Sao (“Sorrow in Estrangement”).

(The poem inscribed by local artist Grand Master Tso.)

Cassia and pepper of the mountain-side , with melilotus white in clusters vied.

The way was long, and wrapped in gloom did seem, as I urged on to seek my vanished dream.

Long did I sigh and wipe away my tears, to see my people bowed by griefs and fears.

But since my heart did love such purity, I’d not regret a thousand deaths to die.

Without delay the sun and moon sped fast, in swift succession spring and autumn passed;

*photograph for reference only

Bicycle Man & Muki

Collaboration with Artist Ling Muki
visit her website here:

featuring hand painted character Muki eating a traditional Hong Kong soft serve Ice Cream whilst watching Bicycle man work. so cute.

Ling Muki Artist Statement:
This collaborative piece with Dickie is particularly special to me. Through photography, we not only tell a story, but also invite viewers to imagine their own stories. In this artwork, Muki enters the real world for the first time, specifically Hong Kong, in a photograph taken by Dickie.
While enjoying a traditional Hong Kong soft serve ice cream, she curiously watches the bicycle man work, taking in everything around her. This piece is a celebration of our vibrant and textured Hong Kong, brimming with emotions.
By combining painting and photography, we aimed to capture the essence of this city's unique beauty and cultural diversity. Just as Hong Kong embraces different cultures and possibilities, we hope this piece inspires viewers to embrace their own uniqueness and individuality.

24 x 36 inches / 31cm x 46cm
With LED backlight lighting with remote control.

Edition 1/1


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YouTube FanFest for six years with a total of 32 Live Global Broadcast Events.

R O L E S  &   R E S P O N S I B I L I T I E S

creative design for live events ranging from conceptual, theming, environment, staging, video content production, live playout

 C L I E N T S
Clients: IBM, Jaguar, PepsiCo Asia Pacific, HKJC, The Great European Carnival


Wheel2Wheel - 12 part series following Morgan Parker throughout 13 Asia Countries as he traverses the distance between Hong Kong to Australia on a motorbike providing exposure to grassroots NGO's in each of the countries transited
Thai Street Food - 13 part culinary quest with world renown Chef David Thompson through the wonders that is Bangkok's Street Food
Quest for Stars - 2 parts exploring Hong Kong & Macau exploring the trails and tribulations of striving to attain & keep Michelin Stars
Buying Asia - IPGlobal, Property Investment guide in Asia
Taste for Wine - 10 part Series with Master of Wine Debra Meiburg, a guide to the most infamous wine producing regions of the world

Adventures to the edge - Series 2 - production of 4 episodes Sean Lee-Davies giving a voice to various wildlife NGO's
Are We OK? - a TV hour exploring the trials & tribulations of the Hong Kong populace during the protests and subsequent Covid-19 eras

R O L E S  &  R E S P O N S I B I L I T I E S
Pre-Production: Concept, Location Scouting, Permits, Client Management
Shoot: Direction, Art Direction, Cameraman, Data Wrangling, Team Management
Post production: Editing, Sound Design, Motion Graphics, Colour, Delivery Output, Systems Design & Management


R O L E S  &  R E S P O N S I B I L I T I E S
Social media campaigns, fashion show visuals, art & creative direction, fashion show event coverage, branding, event recap video

Shanghai Tang, Chanel, Cartier, Micheal Kors, Tumi, Pacific Place, 68 lingerie, Walter Ma, Bao Bao Wan Jewellery, John Hardy, Van Cleef & Arpel, Vogue Hong Kong, Paradiso


La Mer "Source of Strength"

P R O J E C T S H O W C A S E B E L O W:
A series of 8 films showcasing powerful females leaders in our Hong Kong community, produced for VOGUE Hong Kong in association with Le Mer...

R O L E S & R E S P O N S I B I L I T I E S
Conceptualised we produced "animatics' showcasing the concept which were then presented to the client and revised to showcase Hong Kong leaders in their respective fields....